Back From Ethiopia

We are back from Ethiopia and want to thank all those who have supported the amazing initiative to bring clean water and quality education to the small village of Gareb Abdella.  The gentle and kind people of Ethiopia are genuinely grateful for your support!

Please take a moment to read the heartfelt post by Capital Core Financial co-founder Marissa Elliott.  Below she shares her experience of her two week adventure in Ethiopia...

“Coming back from Ethiopia with a very full heart ❤️

With my hubby Chris Elliott by my side and an amazing team of 16, it was a perfect adventure..

This pic captures the highlight of the trip for me. We went to visit the village that we supported last year and who we stayed and connected with on last years trip. I was all smiles and eyes full of tears in this pic, holding hands with Nigeste, a little girl I bonded strongly with on last years trip.

We were greeted by the children with huge smiles and open arms. There were so many familiar faces from last year that I wasn't sure if I would ever see again, it was such an emotional experience. I expected a few tears, but with all the sweet familiar faces-I was overwhelmed with tears and emotion. I held this little girl's hand so tight the whole time we were there. We visited the new school and the clean water well. It was so cool to see the impact access to education along with clean water had on a community. I felt so grateful to be part of such a project and felt so much emotion with the reconnection to these kids and the village.

The villages we support participate by raising a portion of the funds required as well. Witnessing how hard they work physically every single day, I'm blown away by their determination, resilience and success in raising the funds.

Every day we saw little boys- 3/4/5 years old herding goats, new mothers walking and holding their babies with a heavy jug of water they fetched tied to their back, +65 year old women climbing up a mountain with huge stacks of firewood tied to their back. AND every one of them we passed greeted us with huge smiles and joy. Lessons learned for sure..

Perspective is everything...

The endless mountains, the unreal sunrises and most importantly, the beautiful people, make this country a beautiful place, and a trip I won't soon forget. Thank you Run for Water and Peg Peters, Eyerusalem Abebe for the amazing organization and imagine1day and Scott Elliott for doing the amazing work and inspiring us to get on board and come along. And thank you to everyone who supported us in this project!

Till next time Ethiopia..”