Embrace the rain

Wanna know the secret to coping with the grey, damp rainy weather here in Vancouver?

Shift your mindset and embrace it.

Get outside. Get excited to get wet.  Bring a friend.

Hiking and Jogging in the rain is an awesome experience when you surrender to it.  The forest seems to breathe and the fog creates an almost mystical experience (mystical...haha).  Plus, rain in the city = snow in the mountains. Mind blown!

For those of you who don't snow angel, snowshoe, ski or snowboard - you really are missing out.  The mountains during the winter are an amazing, inspiring place to play - especially for children.  

Don't be that guy/girl that's always complaining and suffering about the weather.  You're more adaptable than that.

Acknowledge your choice point. Shift your mindset and develop a positive attitude towards the winter season. Commit to yourself and make time for playtime.

That feels good right?

Embrance the rian.jpg