Going Green - It's a win-win

At Capital Core Financial, we are continually thinking about how we can effectively integrate technology in order to minimize our carbon footprint. During the past few years we have allocated resources towards going more digital in our day-to-day operations. Others working in the financial industry can attest to the amount of wasted paper that is used. Instead of simply accepting this, we have and continue to make changes such as

  • Digitizing all of our files

  • Taking notes in client meetings on our laptops (instead of meeting note paper)

  • Minimizing hardcopy handouts during presentations

  • Eliminating all of our business cards

  • Encouraging our team to be mindful when printing documents

  • Completing applications digitally when possible

  • Encouraging the companies we work with to transition to digital applications

  • Braining storming on other ways that we can save paper

All of the above allow us to significantly reduce our paper use, however as a result of industry compliance regulations, we are still far away from being a completely paperless company. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, on-boarding various technologies has also helped streamline our various internal systems. With smart planning, going green can be a win-win!

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