Do you understand the benefits of giving? Are you aware that you can make charitable donations to offset your taxes?  

At Capital Core Financial, Inc. we help people connect with causes that they care about and explore options for efficient ways to gift. Giving not only provides tax relief, but also allows you to experience the human spirit of charity. Capital Core Financial has a goal of redirecting one billion dollars from CRA to the not-for-profit sector.

Click HERE to listen to Capital Core Financial’s radio show “Giving with an Abundant Mindset“. In this episode we sit down with John Bromley, the founder and CEO of CHIMP. With over a decade of experience in the charitable sector, John shares with us how we can change the world through giving.

Capital Core Financial is involved with various charitable organizations within our local community and abroad.  In addition to speaking at charitable events on the benefits of giving, we also connect donors with the causes that matter most to them.